images from the 2015 mid-thesis exhibition "for lack of a nail..." 

for lack of a nail, the shoe was lost

for lack of a shoe, the horse was lost

for lack of a horse, the knight was lost

for lack of a knight, the battle was lost

for the failure of battle, the kingdom was lost

all for the lack of a nail

So much effort is put into being comfortable and worry-free that we often forget what actually makes us feel stable. Many things that are so simple are often taken for granted, as if they will always be there. We forget, or choose to ignore, how fragile every thing and every one is, often failing to appreciate the things and people that we are so dependent on. In any situation we are dependent on a variable that may seem stable, but is a variable nonetheless. When this variable is disturbed the entire system is affected. This is the Butterfly Effect, the notion that the chance flapping of a butterfly’s wings can eventually have an effect on the weather.

I create networks of delicate components that are forced to support one another by tying and suspending them together, often creating scenarios that explore a false sense of security or fragility. This visual exploration shows, in the physical aspect, the dependance of each object on the others. By presenting the same structure repeatedly, I am able to show its true variability and instability; showing delicate forms in the role of both “guardian” and “helpless victim.” Even with a “guardian” there are no truly stable components that cannot be affected by a slight change. That slight change can easily cause the strong to become weak and affect the entire system. Ultimately, I want the viewer to consider the instability within all objects and apply this concept to the elements of their everyday lives, to be aware of the tenuous connections that hold everything together.